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the leading intelligent out-of-home media network

About Precise Media

Disruptive out-of-home media

Place-based media at the right locations that grab audience's attention with very long dwell time.

Measurable out-of-home media

Leave the unmeasurable out-of-home media in 1990s. With us, every campaign can be tracked and traced.

Targetable out-of-home media

Traditional out-of-home media wastes at least half of the budget to non-target audience. With Precise Media, the whole advertising budget go to the right people.


We own the smart screens in more than 500 intelligent taxis in Bangkok area.

With highly innovative technologies, intelligent taxi media stands out from traditional out-of-home media by the real-time and precise impression measurability.

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The injective media platform which provides infinite ideas and exclusively focuses on targeted audience by penetrating into 9 leading universities and 9 office areas in Bangkok.


Advertising space next to the bus route guide inside every BMTA bus which covers every route in Bangkok and nearby provinces.

With the coverage of more than 70 routes, in-bus media reaches various style of target audience effectively.

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Precise Media Co.,Ltd

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